Why not?

It’s February. If you have been looking forward to the end of that huge stream of depressing articles about January blues and resolutions people always give up on, this is it. (They are not meant to be depressing; they are supposed to motivate us! give us advice! But, because they assume that we are all sad, in need of help, and too lazy to stick to our goals, I find them quite depressing.)

I don’t do resolutions. I do set goals, monthly, yearly, whenever. And one of my current goals is to have a better online presence and experiment more with different channels and tools. So, WordPress. I haven’t played with WordPress in a while and I feel I should. Hopefully it will also help me get on with those oh so many creative projects and make me want to showcase them.

I’ve never really been into blogging so I’m not sure how that will go, I have ideas and things I would like to share, and rather than asking too many why’s I’m trying to think, why not?

We’ll see what happens.



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