About me…

I am a graphic designer born in Italy, escaped to Japan for four years and now based in London. I work for an international fashion and beauty brand and spend a lot of time – for either work or personal interest – researching and learning about branding, digital marketing, social media strategies and promotional events.

I like fashion illustration, sewing, crafts, type, and a number of things that, according to my friends, I can give up on listing and just say I do ‘artsy stuff’.

I drink a lot of coffee.

About the blog…

This is an experiment I have recently started as a way to try something new, find a place to talk about my interests, creative projects, attempts at living a more creative and conscious life and what I discover in the process, and hopefully connect with like-minded people. At this stage it’s still a work in progress. Comments & suggestions are welcome. 🙂


English is my second language. There might be mistakes, things that are not clear, though I do my best to double check all I write. I also seem to mix up American English and British English, due to having spent a lot of time watching American movies and hanging with friends from the US before I moved to the UK. Hopefully this will also be a chance to improve my writing with practice. 🙂


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